Year: 2021 | Month: June | Volume 66 | Issue 2

Farmers’ Prosperity Through ITC Based Farmers Awareness Programme: An Evidence of Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa

Shirish Sharma V.S. Meena Amardeep Singh


The real-time availability of weather information plays a crucial role in agricultural production, food security, and sustainable production (Haile 2005; Rathore 2013; Pandey and Singh, 2019). Thus, any slight aberration in obtaining key weather parameters by the farming community can significantly disrupt the supply chain besides jeopardizing the lives and livelihood of millions of farmers. It is well established that weather parameters influence agricultural operations farm production and productivity, while weather aberration is an important reasonor crop loss in India (Chattopadyaya et al. 2011; Rao et al. 2015; Das et al. 2018). Most of the farmers lack real-time weather-related information to make specific decisions on cropping. Further, the weather-related data for a particular crop seldom available on a single platform (Kumar et al. 2015) though the ICT is rooted firmly. It may be concluded that agriculture and its activities are mostly depend upon weather parameters. The GKMS may create an effort to help the farming community to improve its decision-making. Farmers also adopt GKMS as a tool that may help them decide regarding farming activity. This weather based agromet advisory may also help the farming community to increase the yield as well as for the reducing the cost of cultivation of crops.


  • The paper aims to analyze the role of Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa for increase the income of farmers.
  • GKMS improve decision-making power of farming community.

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