Year: 2021 | Month: March | Volume 66 | Issue 1

Marketing Efficiency of Different Marketing Channel of Mustard Crop in Swai Madhopur District of Rajasthan

Mukesh Kumar Rakesh Singh Keshav Kumar


An attempt has been made to study the Comparative Marketing Efficiency of different marketing channel with reference of mustard crop in Swai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. The study was conducted in Chauth Mata Agro Producer Company Limited; Chauth ka Barwada blocks in Swai Madhopur district. For each selected randomly villages, a separate list of mustard growing farmers was prepared and 80 farmers, processor, retailers, wholesaler and consumers were selected. The primary data were collected from the mustard producers and market functionaries through personal interview method with the help of well prepared schedule and questionnaire for the production and post-harvest year for Rabi mustard 2017-18. The market efficiency of FPOs and Non FPOs channel worked out to be 1.23 and 1.09, respectively. Price spread of FPOs and Non FPOs channel work out to be 43.19 and 46.11 percent, respectively. Producer’s share in consumer’s rupee of FPOs and Non FPOs channel out to be 55.86 and 52.71 percent, respectively. The market margin and marketing cost of FPOs channel works out less than the Non FPOs marketing channel. According to finding of this study Farmer Producer Organisations channel were found to be more relevant and profitable for farmers.


  • The study compare the FPOs and traditional marketing channel by Acharya and Agarwal’s Approach
  • The study shows that the FPOs marketing channel is efficient than the traditional marketing channel and the marketing cost of traditional channel is higher than FPOs

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