Year: 2021 | Month: March | Volume 66 | Issue 1

Efficiency of Stakeholders in Agricultural Innovation System

P. H. Vihariya Radhika Tanwar R.D. Pandya


Efficiency is an ability to do things well, successfully and without waste of time and energy. It is a measurable concept that can be determined by using the ratio of useful output to total input. The resources might be men, money, machines and materials that are being used within time for accomplishment of desired activity. Being efficient means the system uses inputs in a right way. If the input-output ratio is adverse then system may work inefficiently. In present study, technical efficiency, cost-effective efficiency and allocative efficiency of stakeholders were identified. The present study was carried out in seven districts of South Gujarat during 2020. The six types of stakeholder were playing pivotal role in AIS hence the list of each type of stakeholder were obtained from the concerned authorities. A simple random sampling method was adopted to obtain respondents sample size. Thus, 30 researchers, 50 extensionists, 30 In-charge of NGOs, 30 managers of private agencies, 50 owner of agro-service providers and 50 progressive farmers were selected. All the 240 stakeholders were randomly selected. The statistical tools and method was used to analyze the data were frequency, percentage and arbitrary method. It can be concluded that more than two fifth (47.50%) of the stakeholders equally had good and excellent level of efficiency among stakeholders in Agricultural Innovation System.


  • More than two fifth of the stakeholders equally had good and excellent level of overall efficiency in Agricultural Innovation System.

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