Year: 2021 | Month: March | Volume 66 | Issue 1

Analysis of Producer Resilience Strategies to Volatile Cocoa Prices in Cameroon

Kaldjob Mbeh Christian Bernard Nso Ngang Andre Bamou Tankoua Lydie


The fluctuation of cocoa prices in Cameroon is causing important disruptions in the allocation of producers’ resources, driving them to adopt resilience strategies. This article provides an analysis of the different strategic options of producer resilience to volatile cocoa prices in Cameroon. Based on revealed preferences and binary logistic regression, it identifies the main strategic resilience options and key factors that explain the choice of these strategies. 390 randomly selected producers in three main divisions of the Center region during the period of September to November 2017, constitute our sample. The results reveal that diversification through fruit trees and input management are the main strategies of producer resilience. Furthermore, factors such as, fruit commercialization, total area, cocoa production, cocoa yield, household size, sex of producer, level of education, Division, are the main factors that explain the adoption resilience strategies. Therefore, the government should provide training to build producers’ capacity in risk management and improve the citrus value chain.

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  • The cocoa market in Cameroon is very speculative, due to the volatility of its price.
  • In the context of cocoa prices decrease situation, 69% and 27% of producers reduce the production of Orange and Lemon trees respectively.
  • Factors such as fruit trees commercialization, division, total area, cocoa production, cocoa yield, gender of producer, Education, are the main determinants of the producer’s resilience.

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