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Year: 2020 | Month: December | Volume 65 | Issue 4

Supply-Demand Projection and Gap Analysis for Major Pulses in Assam

Nabajit Barman J.P. Hazarika Udeshna Talukdar Nivedita Deka


Pulses are important constituent in the food basket of people of Assam. The state produces 107.5 thousand tonnes of total pulse from an area of 146.4 thousand hectare with yield rate of 735kg/ha (2016-17). The present production is able to meet only 20 per cent of the present requirement. The major pulses grown in the state are gram, arhar, greengram, lentil, blackgram and pea. A study conducted with the objective of analysing the supply demand gap of pulses in Assam, it was found that there was huge gap in requirement and supply of most of the pulses except black gram and pea and the deficit continues upto 2025, as well. The government has been trying to increase the pulses production with increase area and enhanced yield through various schemes namely NFSM-Pulse. Bringing more pulse area under irrigation, adoption of recommended production technology is expected to increase the yield that might help in bridging the demand supply gap. As blackgram was found to be surplus, the people of Assam should gradually replace lentil with blackgram as dal. Establishment of mini dal processing plant might attract the youth to grow and process pulse and thereby increase the employment opportunity and enhanced production in the state.

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