Year: 2020 | Month: September | Volume 65 | Issue 3

Foodgrains Production in India: Trend and Decompositions Analysis

Neelam Kumari V.P. Mehta J.K. Bhatia


The present study was undertaken to analyze the trends in area, production and productivity of major food grain crops for the period 1995-96 to 2015-16 obtaining data from the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, New Delhi. Foodgrains are cultivated in India in an area of 123.22 million hectares with a production of 251.57 million tonnes. The results of the study revealed that the food grains production in the country has increased at a rate of 1.73 per cent per annum which was contributed by negligible increase in area and productivity during the study period. The production-wise scenario of foodgrains has indicated that, major cereals like rice, wheat and maize showed consistent improvement, but pulses production was not consistent. As a coarse cereal, maize stands in an important position next to rice and wheat, due to its multiple uses with yield increases from about 1595 Kg per ha during 1995-96 to 2563 Kg per ha during 20015-16. The computed growth trend for total food grains in India was positive (0.008) and significant (P<0.01) for production and growth for productivity was positive (0.006) and significant (P<0.01).

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