Year: 2019 | Month: March | Volume 64 | Issue 1

Analysis of Resource use Efficiency in Apple Production on Outer Himalayan Range of Chenab Valley

Jahangir Ali Jyoti Kachroo Deep Ji Bhat S.E.H. Rizvi B.C. Sharma Sudhakar Dwivedi


The present study was carried out in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir state with special emphasis on selected districts viz., Doda, Kishtwar and Rambam, as these regions had the highest area and production under apple crop. Both primary as well as secondary data has been used as per requirements of the study. A multistage sampling technique had been used for the present study. To study the functional relationship between yield of apple and the selected independent variables, Cobb Douglas type of production function in log linear form had been fitted to the collected data for marginal farms, small farms, medium farms and on all the farms put together. The analysis had shown that the co-efficient of determination (R2) indicated that 68.3 per cent, 71.2 per cent, 73.7 per cent and 75.5 per cent of the variations in the output of apple had been explained by the six independent variables included in the production function for the marginal, for the Small, for the medium and for the overall sample apple growers respectively. The analysis had also revealed that the sum of the production elasticities for the marginal farmers was 1.403, for the small farmers was 1.57, for the medium farmers was 2.53 and for all sample farmers put together it was 1.989 which showed operation of increasing return to for all categories of apple farmers. Increasing trend in returns to scale of apple suggested the planners to plan strategies for long run so as to safeguard the interest of apple growers involved in the production process.

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