Year: 2018 | Month: March | Volume 63 | Issue 1

Chickpea Production through Diverse Technologies in Khargone District of Madhya Pradesh: An economic appraisal



A study was conducted in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh in the year 2016-17. A three stage random sampling technique was used for drawing the primary data from 60 farmers. On the basis of input use pattern, farmers were divided into three categories i.e. chickpea cultivation with use of improved chickpea production technology (progressive farmers), as per their own decision in adoption production technology (general farmers) and with least adoption of improved technology (poor technological farmers). Cost concept, simple ranking and adoption index was used for the study. It resulted that the high adoption practice yield on an average 13.74 q/ha followed by moderate 12.15 q/ha and least adoption 11.00 q/ha. High yield gap found in progressive farm and least adoption farm about 24.91 % and least in progressive and moderate adoption is 13.10. Highest adoption found in case of family labour followed by bullock power, machinery and least in case of irrigation in all farm adoption level. Highest expenditure on farm is seen in case of high level adoption farm followed by moderate and low. Highest B.C. ratio is found in case of high level adoption farm followed by moderate and low i.e. 1.21, 1.19 and 1.17. Major problems in the study area is incidence of disease, pest, erratic rain fall, lack of input, lack of knowledge, crop failure etc. It is concluded that the chickpea productivity can be increased through the judicious use of improved inputs and practices. It was revealed that as chickpea require higher initial investment and to reduce the risk; an attractive crop insurance scheme needs to be implemented.

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