Year: 2017 | Month: December | Volume 62 | Issue 4

Production Economics of Strawberry in Haryana, India



The present study was conducted in Hisar and Bhiwani districts of Haryana which was selected
purposively on the basis of highest area and production of Strawberry cultivation in the state. One block
from each district and two villages from each block were selected. Saharwa and Satrod (Hisar-1) and
Chanana and Siwani (Siwani) were selected purposively since they have the highest number of strawberry
growers in the district. 120 growers were selected from which 43, 30, 30, and 17 farmers were from Satrod, Saharwa, Chanana and Siwani, respectively depending upon the availability of strawberry growers in the region. On the basis of the nature of the data, simple tabular analysis was carried out. The cost concept namely cost A, cost B and cost C and various economic tools were used for the estimation of per ha cost of strawberry cultivation. The overall average cost of strawberry production in both districts of Haryana was found to be ` 937.18 thousand per hectare. The total cost of cultivation was highest in case of large category growers followed by medium and small category. The overall net return earned by strawberry growers was ` 1174.80 thousand per hectare. Cost of production of per kg of Strawberry was highest in large ` 78.57per kg, followed by medium ` 74.33 per kg. and small ` 71.34 per kg. Benefit-Cost ratio of Strawberry cultivation calculated under cost A was 2.79, Cost B was 2.56 and Cost C was 2.25.

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