Year: 2017 | Month: December | Volume 62 | Issue 4

Agricultural Labour Shortage: An Abysmal to Agriculture in North Eastern Karnataka



Over the years, there has been an arising worry about the farm labour accessibility which has been diminishing as a result of occupational changes, peoples attitude, Government policies and reforms, making it crucial to explore into the dynamics of the scarcity of agricultural labour and the reasons contributing to this. A study was undertaken considering the status of labour scarcity in agricultural economy with special reference to North Eastern Karnataka. A stratified sampling procedure was adopted to select the sample respondents. A total of 180 farmers were interviewed for the study. It was found that the labour demand exceeded supply for almost seven months and reached its peak during the sowing and weeding operations in both rabi and kharif seasons. According to the sample respondents, migration of labourers to the nearby villages for higher wages was the most serious problem leading to labour scarcity.

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